My life be like
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You we’re close friends

When I talk to you about sex
When I talk to you about anime
When I sing badly and pretty good in front of you
When I dance in front of you
When I cook for you
When I let you into my dorm
When I drive you places
When I text you none stop
When I ask you for help
When I come to you for advice
When I snore in front of you
When I let you meet my parents
When I invite you to stuff

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about me and what I do to my friends

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Just come by my place and eat me out. That’s all you gotta do. ;)

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Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends’ and then start asking you random questions.

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Ok just because two people of the opposite sex get along really well, it does not mean that they are meant to be together. Let me just clear that up right now. I have a lot of guy friends and some of them I am extremely close too. Maybe a little too close. ANYWHO!!! They pretty much all have girlfriends. So like I’m definitely not trying to be with anyone. I do not want to be known as a home wrecker or a whore. Or what ever. So making a move on any of them is not at all my intention. So it really bothers me when other people say things like, “He doesn’t have a ring on! Go for it!” Or “He’s totally available!” I find that to be extremely rude. Especially when they hear my explanation for not doing so and just wanting to be friends, and they STILL insist on making a move. It bothers me so much.

1 week ago
So I’m doing my laundry…

Here’s a little back story. I haven’t done laundry in 3 weeks. (Yes I have that much clothes) and I’m on my last bra. Pretty much I was in desperate need to get my laundry done. I go down to the laundry room and someone, namely the red t shirt guy -I don’t really know who he is but that’s what I’m gonna call him-, has his clothes in the washing machine. I wait for his stuff to finish. Finally it does. So I do my best to wait patiently for redTee to come down and get it. Me being in the rush that I am I try my best to be patient so I time myself, on my phone, for 20 minutes. The timer eventually goes off and redTee still hasn’t come down. I figure since this would eventually end up being one of those “as soon as I open it he’s gonna show up and that’s gonna be awkward” kind of situations I wait another 5 mins. Still no redTee. So I take them out. My patience has run thin. I change them out and just put his clothes on top of the dryer. I leave. While I’m in my room I realize I don’t have a timer set for it to go off. So I come back down. So remember that the dryer AND the washing machines here all run for 40 mins long. When I start to come down here redTee finally show up. Trying my best to avoid confrontation. I retreat to my room. And peek around the corner until he leaves. I run to the laundry and take a time for 23 mins. That is how much is left while my clothes are in the washing machine. Which means the guy took 25+17min=42mins for him to come and get his clothes. I don’t have time for that. And as soon as my clothes are finished I come down to change them. But I also wait another 10mins. Just in case he comes and he doesn’t have to wait another 40mins to wait on my clothes. RedTee doesn’t show… So I put in another load. While this is going his clothes (that I pulled out earlier have 17mins in the dryer left. So I decide to set a time for 30mins. I come down when it goes off and redTee hasn’t gotten his clothes… Really! You’d think someone would learn the first time that if you take too long you should probably hurry the next time. Right? So I wait another 15mins. In the middle of the timer redTee finally comes down and gets his clothes. He has this frustrated expression (which is totally understandable). He comes in and just stares at the appliances. I trying to break the silence simply say “Those in the washing machine are my last loads. I’m sorry. But I tried to wait for you. I set a timer for 20mins and then I took your clothes out. I have work in the morning and I really need my uniform clean.” He stares at me for a second then says, “it definitely wasn’t 20 mins. It was more like 10.” the tone in his voice was very upset and sarcastic. So I decided to return the favor. “No it wasn’t. I timed 20mins AFTER the timer stopped. Then waited another 5 just in case. I saw you come down the hallway. Which was 15 mins after my load already started. That’s 40 mins.” RedTee frowns up,”no it wasn’t. I timed it.” Me,”Well you timed it wrong.” Awkward silence and he just stares at me. Reluctantly he takes his clothes out. And leaves while I put mine in the dryer. Ok so I can understand you being frustrated because now you have to wait another 40mins to put your next loads in… But seriously. Don’t lie and say you timed it. Cause you definitely didn’t and I tried my best to be patient for you. I got shit to do and you obviously don’t.

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Come down now, they’ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
Come down now, but we’ll stay…

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